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Yinlong Energy International Pte Ltd, is the international office of Gree Altairnano Green Energy (previously know as Yinlong Energy China Ltd). We provide Energy Storage Systems, LTO Batteries, Commercial Electric Vehicles, and Electric chargers.


Yinlong Energy China Ltd. has been a pioneer in the green energy industry since its establishment in 2008 in Zhuhai, China. The company's commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its core offerings of Energy Storage Systems, Commercial Electric Vehicles, and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

Yinlong Energy China Ltd. is now known as Gree Altainano New Energy, after the company acquired ALTAIR NANO - a leading US innovator in LTO battery technology with over 40 years of industry experience, in January 2010. This acquisition has allowed Yinlong Energy to revolutionise the global new energy industry with its innovative LTO (Lithium Titanate) material.

Yinlong Energy's mission is to drive global new energy technology by providing LTO battery, LTO storage, and LTO transportation solutions that support economic development while protecting the environment. As a result, the company has been recognised with multiple awards and is considered one of the world's top 500 energy companies.

The company's scalable, low-cost solutions are designed with safety first, featuring fast-charging LTO technology, a long battery life of up to 30 years, and a wide temperature range of -40°C to +60°C. These offerings help meet the evolving energy needs of industries worldwide while reducing their carbon footprint.

Yinlong Energy is committed to supporting global energy reform by innovating new materials, batteries, automobiles, and energy storage solutions that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. The company believes that it's work will contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet for generations to come.


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Our Products & Services

Highly adaptable electric buses, coaches and vans of varying sizes and shapes to cover all your transportation requirements within the city, highways and rural areas.

Fast-charging Lithium-Titanate batteries that can operate in under extreme temperature conditions. Our batteries have an operational life-span that goes up to 30 years.

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