Yinlong LTO Batteries

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Yinlong LTO Battery Life-Cycle

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Advantages of Lithium-Titanate-Oxide Batteries

Fast Charging

With our quick-charging LTO batteries and high-power charging station, the a single cell can fully recharge in just 6 minutes which allows electric vehicles to charge in well under 20 minutes.

Wide Temperature Ranges

Yinlong lithium-titanate-oxide batteries have a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +60°C. They can function optimally in extremely cold and hot conditions without the need for any additional equipment to keep them operational.

Long LTO Battery Life-Span

The "Zero-Strain-Material" used in our LTO batteries are designed for a life of 30,000 full depth-of-discharge cycles which is up to six times greater than competitive lithium-ion technologies, giving it a life-span of up to 30 years.

High Charge/Discharge Capability

Compared with carbon materials, LTO batteries has a higher lithium ion diffusion coefficient which enables high intensity charging & discharging rates. This allows the batteries not only charge quickly but also provide high-power outputs based on the required demands.

Designed With Safety-First

LTO cells have no SEI layer so they are extremely safe and can withstand being cut or punctured. Our repeated heat resistance tests have shown that our battery cells can endure flames for 48 minutes before exploding. See the video below.

Yinlong LTO Battery Safety

Watch our batteries being put through numerous tests like; cutting, drilling, penetration, dropping, exposure to high temperatures and gasoline flames.

Yinlong LTO Battery Cells

40-AH LTO Cylindrical Battery


Nominal Voltage (V):

Rated Capacity (Ah):

Volume-Energy Density(Wh/L):

Weight-energy density (Wh/kg):

Internal resistance (mΩ):

Max continuous charge current (A):

10s Max Pulse Charge/Discharge Current (A):

Operating & Storage temperature range (°C):

Storage Temperature (°C):








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