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Advantages of Lithium-Titanate-Oxide Batteries

Fast Charging

Experience the rapid charging capabilities with our cutting-edge LTO batteries and high-power charging stations. A single cell achieves full recharge in an astonishingly brief 6 minutes, enabling electric vehicles to charge swiftly, completing the process well under 20 minutes.

Advantages of Lithium-Titanate-Oxide Batteries

Wide Temperature Ranges

Yinlong lithium-titanate-oxide batteries boast an expansive operating temperature range from -40°C to +60°C. Excelling in both extreme cold and hot conditions, these batteries operate optimally without the necessity for any supplementary equipment to sustain their functionality.

Advantages of Lithium-Titanate-Oxide Batteries

Long LTO Battery Life-Span

Our LTO batteries feature cutting-edge "Zero-Strain-Material," meticulously crafted for an impressive lifespan of 30,000 full depth-of-discharge cycles. This durability exceeds competing lithium-ion technologies by up to six times, ensuring a remarkable lifespan of up to 30 years

Advantages of Lithium-Titanate-Oxide Batteries

High Charge/Discharge Capability

In contrast to carbon materials, LTO batteries have superior lithium ion diffusion coefficient, facilitating high-intensity charging and discharging rates. This capability not only ensures rapid charging but also enables the batteries to deliver high-power outputs tailored to meet specific demands.

Advantages of Lithium-Titanate-Oxide Batteries

Designed With Safety-First

Our LTO cells, lacking a Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) layer, has exceptional safety and resilience and can withstand cutting or puncturing. Rigorous heat resistance tests confirms that our battery cells can endure exposure to flames for an impressive 48 minutes before any risk of explosion. For a visual demonstration, please refer to the video below.

Yinlong LTO Battery Safety

Watch our batteries undergoing a series of rigorous tests, including cutting, drilling, penetration, dropping, exposure to high temperatures, and resistance to gasoline flames.

Yinlong LTO Battery Cells

40-AH LTO Cylindrical Battery


Nominal Voltage (V):

Rated Capacity (Ah):

Volume-Energy Density(Wh/L):

Weight-energy density (Wh/kg):

Internal resistance (mΩ):

Max continuous charge current (A):

10s Max Pulse Charge/Discharge Current (A):

Operating & Storage temperature range (°C):

Storage Temperature (°C):








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