12m Electric Transit Buses


This award-winning electric bus series is distinguished by its distinctive angular and streamlined design that radiates a sense of spaciousness and elegance. Offering versatility in transportation solutions, the Dolphin series includes five different bus sizes, ranging from a compact 10m to the impressive 18m articulated electric bus. Whether navigating highways, city roads, or rural routes, these buses are engineered to meet diverse transportation needs with style and efficiency.


Bus Interiors

12m Electric Transit Bus

Battery Type


L  x W x H (mm)

LTO & LFP: 12000 x 2550 x 3350

Power (kWh)

LTO: 92.8 - 101.6

LFP: 300.81 - 314.14

Max Capacity

LTO & LFP: seats: 21 to 45 + standing

Curb Weight (kg)

LTO & LFP: 11800-12200

Gross Weight (kg)

LTO & LFP: 18000