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The purpose of World Energy Day is to raise awareness on the importance of saving our natural resources, for sustainability, conservation, climate change, carbon emission reduction, and environmental protection.

Lithium titanate batteries are gaining traction as a viable solution for energy storage needs in applications such as power grid storage, electric vehicles, and high-capacity backup. This has been driven by the high-cycle life, high-power and high-durability of lithium titanate batteries, as well as by the growing push for more sustainable energy solutions.

Emission-free public transport will move the country closer to achieving climate neutralityElectric buses set to be powered by fastest charging LTO battery in the world, with the buses being charged in less than 20 minutesReplacing one diesel bus with an electric bus is equivalent to reducing harmful emissions from 27 passenger cars driven for one year. and 12,175 gallons of diesel over a ten-year period.

The combined offering provides urban transportation operators with a complete, one-stop shop e-mobility solution to reduce city air and noise pollution. Yinlong Energy Middle East today announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hitachi ABB Power Grids, to help cities speed up their transition to emission-free electric bus transportation and cleaner city air.

Power grid is an important part of the power supply system globally . Ensuring the stable operation of the power grid is critical in providing steady and continuous electricity for the economic development of all countries.