1. Yinlong Industrial Energy Storage System Application Mode

Frequency modulation, also called frequency control, is a main measure taken to maintain the balance of the active power in the power system, its ultimate goal is to ensure a stable frequency in the power system. The main measure to adjust the frequency of the power system is through generated power regulation and load management. Based on the different regulation range and regulation capacity, frequency regulation can be divided into primary frequency regulation and secondary frequency regulation. Primary frequency regulation refers to the automatic control process in which the control system of units in the power grid automatically controls the increase and decrease of active power of the units and limits the variation of power grid frequency so as to maintain the stability of power grid frequency when the power grid frequency deviates from the rated value Secondary frequency regulation, also known as automatic generation control (AGC), means that the generator units provide enough adjustable capacity and a certain regulating rate to track the frequency in real time within the allowable frequency deviation to maintain a stable system frequency. Secondary frequency regulation can achieve isochronous control of frequency, and can monitor and adjust the timeline power.

2. Why do we need power grid frequency modulation?

The stability and precision of grid frequency is an important index of power supply quality. Frequency modulation is a process to adjust the energy balance during the power generation. Through frequency modulation, the energy supply of various energy storage and thermal systems is adjusted to achieve the energy balance of power generation and electricity consumption and the reasonable distribution of electrical load.

3. Advantages of Yinlong Industrial Energy Storage System

a. Excellent High Rate Performance

Providing instant high rate power input/output at any time ranging from 2C to 4C.

b. Ultra-long Cycle Life

Offering up to 16,000 times of 100% deep charge and discharge cycle life, which is three times of other regular lithium-ion batteries (normally 5000 times)

c. Super Safe Performance

No smoke, fire, burns or explosion occurred during destructive tests such as penetration, drilling, cutting, extrusion or short-circuit.

d. Work Under Extreme Temperature

Normal charge or discharge under temperature from -30℃ to 55℃, working regardless of extreme coldness or heat .

e. Quick Response Within Milliseconds

Quick response to random demand or instantaneous power, significantly improve unit AGC regulation performance.

4. Core value of power grid frequency modulation

a. Rise From Darkness

When large area of power-cut occurs in regional power grid, the energy storage system can be turned on quickly and the grid generator units can resume power supply in real time.

b. Load Tracking

Constantly adjusting the changing load demand to reduce ramp rate of traditional power generator units.

c. Standby Power Supply

In the case of emergency, ensuring quality of the power supply and the active power for system safety

d. Balance Of New Energy Power Generation

Relieving the pressure of electricity consumption and frequency regulation brought by rising proportion of electricity from new energy power generation and the increasing load demand from new energy vehicle charging needs.

5. Application Case On Power Grid Frequency Modulation

a. Hengqin District, Zhuhai - Guangdong

Power Grid Frequency Modulation Project 4 sets of 800kWh LTO Energy Storage Systems

b. World leading wind power generation operator Vestas, Denmark

1MW/250kWh LTO Frequency Modulation System

The application of battery energy storage system in the frequency modulation of power grid can effectively solve the application defects of the traditional frequency modulation mode at the present stage and improving the stability of frequency modulation is of great significance in achieving the goal of energy saving and emission reduction With the long-term development of new energy industry as its goal, Yinlong Energy will continue to commit to its four principles in developing energy storage systems, which are achieving a safe and reliable and a resource sustainable development, creating environmentally friendly and social economic benefits. Yinlong will continue to quicken the pace of the technological and industrial development of energy storage systems and promote an energy sustainable development in China.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Application

Power grid is an important part of the power supply system globally . Ensuring the stable operation of the power grid is critical in providing steady and continuous electricity for the economic development of all countries.