LTO Presence & Growth in the Battery Industry

Lithium titanate batteries are gaining traction as a viable solution for energy storage needs in applications such as power grid storage, electric vehicles, and high-capacity backup. This has been driven by the high-cycle life, high-power and high-durability of lithium titanate batteries, as well as by the growing push for more sustainable energy solutions.

The purpose of World Energy Day is to raise awareness on the importance of saving our natural resources, for sustainability, conservation, climate change, carbon emission reduction, and environmental protection.

Even though conservation was an important goal of the energy policy most countries since the 1970s’, it has failed to even slow down global climate-change. With energy production becoming more diverse, their impacts on our environment are also diverse.

We can continue to leave it up to our respective law-makers or we can all start by doing our part to conserve energy and slow down climate change.